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Books are listed in alphabetical order of author/editor.
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Externally published pieces are indicated by a star.
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Vera Nazarian, The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass [2008*]
Vera Nazarian, The Duke in His Castle [2008*]
Nemonymous, Cern Zoo[2009]
Nemonymous, Cone Zero [2008*]
Patrick Ness, The Knife of Never Letting Go[2009]
Adam L.G.Nevill, Banquet for the Damned [2008*]
Thomas Nevins, The Age of the Conglomerates [2009*]
Paul J. Newell, The Turning [2007*]
Stan Nicholls, Orcs: The Omnibus Edition [2004*]
Stan Nicholls, Weapons of Magical Destruction [2009*]
Night and Dayissue 1 [2011]
Null Immortalis: Nemonymous Ten [2010]

Ronan O’Brien, Confessions of a Fallen Angel [2009]
Frank O’Connor, The Cornet-Player Who Betrayed Ireland [2011]
Benjamin Obler, Javascotia [2010]
Nnedi Okorafor, Who Fears Death [2010]
Véronique Olmi, Beside the Sea [2010]
George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four [2012]
Julie Otsuka, The Buddha in the Attic [2012]
The Oxford Library of Classic English Short Stories, Vol. I: 1900-1956 [2011]
Helen Oyeyemi, Mr Fox [2011]

Ruth Padel, Where the Serpent Lives [2010]
Ra Page (ed.), Parenthesis [2006*]
Philip Palmer, Version 43 [2011]
K.J. Parker, Purple and Black [2009*]
Rosalie Parker (ed.), Strange Tales [2004*]
Michael Parziale, Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time [2006*]
Benjamin Parzybok, Couch [2009*]
Pen Pusher Magazine 15 [2010]
Marisha Pessl, Special Topics in Calamity Physics [2009]
Vicki Pettersson, The Scent of Shadows [2008*]
Colin Pillinger, Mars in Their Eyes [2009]
Sophie Playle (ed.), Shot Glass Stories [2009]
Postscripts, Issue 14: Spring 2008 [2008*]
Richard Powers, Generosity [2011]
Tim Powers, Declare [2011]
Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, The Long Earth [2012]
Premonitions, Causes for Alarm [2008*]
Alex Preston, This Bleeding City [2010]
Christopher Priest, The Affirmation [2010]
Christopher Priest, The Islanders [2011]

Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Play Book [2010]

Rabid Transit, Long Voyages, Great Lies [2006*]
Rabid Transit, Menagerie [2006*]
Chris Lee Ramsden (ed.), Small Voices, Big Confessions [2008*]
Steve Redwood, The Heisenberg Mutation and Other Transfigurations [2004*]
Steve Redwood, Who Needs Cleopatra? [2006*]
Kirsten Reed, The Ice Age [2010]
Alastair Reynolds, House of Suns [2009]
Alastair Reynolds, Terminal World [2010]
Dan Rhodes, Gold [2007*]
Dan Rhodes, Little Hands Clapping [2010]
Keith Ridgway, Hawthorn & Child [2012]
Adam Roberts, New Model Army [2010]
Adam Roberts, Yellow Blue Tibia[2009]
Kim Stanley Robinson, Galileo’s Dream [2010]
Neil Robinson, Oliphan Oracus [2004*]
Ray Robinson, Forgetting Zoë [2010]
Jane Rogers, The Testament of Jessie Lamb [2012]
Paul Rooney, Dust and Other Stories [2012*]
Marie Rutkoski, The Cabinet of Wonders [2009*]

Amy Sackville, The Still Point [2010]
Jennifer St. Clair, The Secret of Redemption [2005*]
Saki, Filboid Studge, the Story of a Mouse That Helped [2011]
Sarah Salway, Leading the Dance [2011]
Sarah Salway, Something Beginning With [2010]
Scifantastic, Vol. 1, Issue 3 [2006*]
M.C. Scott, Rome: The Emperor’s Spy [2010]
Andy Secombe, The Last House in the Galaxy [2005*]
Nat Segnit, Pub Walks in Underhill Country [2011]
Robert Shearman, Everyone’s Just So So Special [2012]
Robert Shearman, Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical [2011]
Nikesh Shukla, Coconut Unlimited [2010]
William Shunn, An Alternate History of the 21st Century [2008*]
Craig Silvey, Jasper Jones [2010]
Joe Simpson, Touching the Void [2012]
Nicky Singer, Knight Crew [2009]
Vandana Singh, ‘Somadeva: A Sky River Sutra’ [2010]
Indra Sinha, Animal’s People [2007*]
Zadie Smith, NW [2012]
Rowan Somerville, The Shape of Her [2010]
Something Wicked, Issue 6: Summer 2008 [2008*]
Muriel Spark, The Driver’s Seat [2012]
Michael Stewart, King Crow [2011]
Charles Stross, Rule 34 [2012]
Patrick Süskind, Perfume [2009]
Hanne Marie Svendsen, Under the Sun [2006*]
David Swann, The Last Days of Johnny North [2006*]
Mark Swartz, H2O [2006*]

John Tagholm, Bad Marriage [2009]
Christopher Teague (ed.), Triquorum One [2006*]
Sheri S. Tepper, The Waters Rising [2012]
Walter Tevis, Mockingbird [2008*]
Johan Theorin, The Darkest Room [2010]
Marcel Theroux, Far North [2010]
Mike Thomas, Pocket Notebook [2011*]
Scarlett Thomas, Monkeys with Typewriters [2012]
Scarlett Thomas, Our Tragic Universe [2010]
A.C. Tillyer, An A-Z of Possible Worlds [2010]
Paul Tremblay, The Little Sleep [2009*]

Jeff VanderMeer, Finch[2009]
Jeff VanderMeer, Shriek: An Afterword [2006*]
David Vann, Caribou Island [2011]
David Vann, Legend of a Suicide [2009]
Various Authors, Seven Days [2009*]
Simon Varwell, Up the Creek Without a Mullet [2010]

Jess Walter, The Financial Lives of the Poets [2010]
Sarah Waters, The Little Stranger[2009]
Mark Watson, Eleven [2010]
Peter Watts, ‘The Things’ [2010]
Patrick Welch,  Cynnador [2007*]
Louise Welsh, The Bullet Trick [2006*]
Mark Wernham, Martin Martin’s on the Other Side [2009]
Aliya Whiteley, Light Reading [2008*]
Aliya Whiteley, Mean Mode Median [2006*]
Aliya Whiteley, Three Things About Me [2006*]
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray [2009]
Charlie Williams, Stairway to Hell [2009*]
Conrad Williams, Loss of Separation [2011*]
Conrad Williams, One [2009]
Conrad Williams, The Unblemished [2008*]
Jim Williams, The Argentinian Virgin [2009]
Neil Williamson, The Ephemera [2006*]
Andrew Wilson, The Lying Tongue [2009*]
Sarah Winman, When God was a Rabbit [2011]
Lucy Wood, Diving Belles [2012*]
Naomi Wood, The Godless Boys [2011]
Chris Wooding, The Fade [2008*]
Chris Wooding, Retribution Falls [2010]
World SF blog fiction, Jan-Feb 2011 [2011*]
T.M.Wright, I am the Bird [2007*]
Evie Wyld, After the Fire, a Still Small Voice [2009]
Evie Wyld, ‘Menzies Meat’ [2009]

Jeffrey Yamaguchi, 52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity [2006*]
Jane Yolen, The Pit Dragon Chronicles [2006*]
Charles Yu, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe [2010]

George Zebrowski, Macrolife [2006*]