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The Blog and the Blogger

My name is David Hebblethwaite, and I’m a book blogger from Yorkshire, now resident in the south of England. I mostly talk about fiction (both novels and short fiction) on here, with the odd bit of non-fiction. Most of all, I appreciate good writing and books that go their own way. The type of book is less significant, but, if there’s a speculative flavour to much of what I read… well, that’s what I like. This year, I am aiming for two-thirds of my reading to be either in translation, or English-language writing from outside the UK and US. I’m also interested in exploring the work of new writers.

Besides here, you can find my reviews in Strange Horizons, We Love This Book, Fiction Uncovered, Vector, and The Zone.

I’m also on Twitter and Goodreads.

If you’d like to contact me, please e-mail davidhreads@gmail.com.

Review policy

I’m happy to accept review copies – but do please note the following points:

  • I run this blog in my spare time, on top of a full time job. I try to be timely, but can make no guarantees as to when, or at what length, I’ll cover a particular book.
  • I read many types of fiction, but would be especially interested in hearing about speculative fiction, works in translation, or short stories. No pitches for poetry, graphic novels or YA, please.

If all that is fine with you, feel free to get in touch.